A referred-client asked to redesign their website; to focus on a better user experience by increasing product design, simplifying the interface, and developing a story-led behavior.


To create a better user experience, we started by minimizing the overall amount of navigable menu items, call to actions, and written content.

From 12 to 5 action items above the fold…

Prior to redesign, the website contained a total of twelve actionable items above the fold. We were able to narrow that down to five items based on market-types and product acquisition.




12 items


5 items

Market Segments

Tell the Story

Now that the user-based was clarified, we were able to tell a better story with emphasis based on each market represented.

Doctors >

Doctors previously existed as a referral customer, but sought to speak directly to those referrals and others as our own.

Surgery > Cancer > Athletes

Surgery was added for people having an upcoming surgery, Cancer for those going through chemotherapy, and Athletes who push their limits — ultimately to optimize the outcome and recovery for all cases by purchasing Ricochet Nutrition as their immunonutritional product of choice.

Product Design

Whether the user base fit into each proposed market-segment or not, the website was designed with easy access to purchase the product.

Buy Now

We added a bold call-to-action Buy Now button, located on the top and bottom (header and footer) of the website, as well as an exclusive section on the homepage directing referrals, specified markets, and general users to acquire RICOCHET drinks.

Shopify Integration

On the product landing page, we removed the site navigation to focus the user on product acquisition, and included Shopify Ecommerce integration to keep the users from exiting the website and maintain brand consistency.

Product Design

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