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We’ve worked with Mayday for years supporting their existing website. Recently, to celebrate their 10th anniversary, we built a new website to take advantage of their wide array of available assets, new slogan, and become more brand-centric.

  • Mayday Brewery Website After
  • Mayday Brewery Website Before


One of the major improvements to the website was THIS WEEK at Mayday. This section, just below the fold on the homepage, presented the user with quick and valuable information to engage the community in participating in one or more weekly events.

Tuesday through Sunday — Hours & Events

Consolidation with an emphasis on less maintenance was the goal. Social media is where the latest data is established, so we chose to generalize the website and point externally to ‘See More’ relevant content if applicable.

THIS WEEK at Mayday

THIS WEEK at Mayday

Mayday Social/Brand Integration

Social/Brand Integration

One of the challenges of the previous website was having to manually distribute duplicate data across multiple networks.
As well, there was a disconnect of the brand between what was presented to the online user vs. what was experienced when visiting Mayday in-person.

Bridging the Brand — Online & In-Person

We took various on-site photos to be used throughout the website, including the entrance to the brewery which is located inside a different building for better recognition as well as beer-can artwork.

Event Importing

Considering the client primarily manages their events through Facebook, we created an app that connects via API to a 3rd party plugin that auto-updates further details and other ticket purchases.

Product Design

The inspiration behind this project was based on the creativity of the team at Mayday as well as the artwork of
We set out to integrate the designs of their various beer cans into a web-friendly format, thus supporting the brand beyond their current areas of distribution.

Versatile Presentation

From call-to-action sections, ways to connect socially, content and image dividers, as well as animated parallax interactions, we feel the assets are well balanced throughout the website.

Product Design

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